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About houses

ddThe cost of KAGER house operation is only 1 Euro per day!

The KAGER house is 5 times warmer than a stone one, and exceeds the existing European standards of energy efficiency of buildings two times. Thermal conductivity of the house glass walls U=0,5W/m2K is equivalent to a brick wall of 88 cm, and solid walls U=0,137W/m2K is equivalent to a brickwork of 3 meters! The average energy consumption of the KAGER house is 25 kWh/m2/year, and the cost of operation of the KAGER house is only 1 euro per day!


Healthy living environment

We use a cost-effective system of water heating of the floor to create a comfortable microclimate in our homes. This low-temperature heating system distributes heat evenly across the floor surface, thereby providing maximum comfort in the rooms, reducing the energy used. A constant flow of fresh air into all areas of the house and an outflow of used one are provided by the system of ventilation with recovery of heat.

14Isolation of wood fibers

Isolation materials for our homes are chosen so as to ensure the diffusion of moisture flow from the house and provide the best thermal insulation. We use only innovative materials from wood fibers in ECO design system. This isolation material with excellent thermal insulation properties greatly increases thermal stability of the building.

ddRenewable energy

We use passive solar energy accumulated in the soil or water for heating, cooling of the house and heating hot water through innovation system with installed heat pump, solar collectors and photovoltaic. The constant influx of fresh air and the outflow of used are provided by air channels with heat recovery. We use renewable natural resources effectively, and decreased harmful emissions to minimum.

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