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Half-timbered houses

9Half-timbering technology

Half-timbered houses are types of building structures, carrying basis of which is the spatial section of wooden beams. They are visible on outer and inner parts of the house and give it a characteristic appearance. Half-timbered houses appeared in Germany in the 15th century and quickly became very popular in Europe, especially in Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, France and northern Europe.

Half-timbered home has a hard and durable bearing frame of vertical posts, horizontal beams and diagonal braces that are the main feature thereof. Space between the frame elements was filled with clay or brick, panels were plastered, and the frame was left in full view. Elements of the wooden frame were visually separated by white walls and gave a special appearance to home, and it became an architectural feature of the half-timbering. That's exactly how hundreds of thousands of wooden houses in Europe were built, and they are already 300-500 years old now, which is the best proof of reliability of this technology. On the picture you can see a half-timbered house in Paris, which is more than 800 years old.

9Modern half-timbering technology

In the 21 century, thanks to the emergence of new materials and technologies, such as laminated board and energy efficient glazing, half-timbered technology gained a new development.

Modern half-timbered houses inherited a solid wooden frame and their appearance changed thanks to a large area of glazing. Big zones of the panoramic glazing from floor to ceiling create an incredible sense of light and freedom in the present half-timbered homes, and use of the most modern materials and innovative solutions in construction allowed making energy-efficient half-timbered KAGER houses very economic.

22Visit our showroom

Especially for you we have developed a unique scale model of the half-timbered houses in proportion of 1:20.

The model is created in full compliance with the existing house, and it shows all the details of its construction half-timbering technology, including compound units, as well as furniture, appliances and even a real little cactus.

You can see photos of the house model in the gallery.


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