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About houses

nagode-4Half-timbered construction

The basis of KAGER house is carrying half-timbered design of the wooden frame elements made of high-grade laminated wood of northern fir-tree. It provides to the house exceptional stability, reliability, durability, and resistance to earthquakes up to 7 points on the Richter scale. Massive wooden structure gives the house a special charm, and roof projections of 1.5 meters shade facade and protect the glazing from rain well.

kociper-16Glazing from floor to ceiling

For panoramic glass walls we use strengthened threefold glazing, insulating glass cameras are filled with inert argon gas for the maximum thermal isolation. The coefficient of heat conductivity of glass walls of the KAGER house – U=0,5 W/m2K, it is an equivalent of a brickwork of 88 cm thick! You can order shock-proof, armored and tinted glass. Despite the fact that the Kager house has a big area of glass walls, still it is 5 times warmer than stone home!


Walls and roofing system

The basis of external and internal walls, panels of ceiling, roofing system, terrace coverings are made of laminated wood. In the exterior walls we use a triple contour of warming, wall thickness is 310 mm, thermal conductivity U = 0,122 W/m2K – this is an equivalent of brick wall of 3 meters! Insulating materials are made of wood wool – eco-friendly, renewable material with the highest thermal insulation properties.

VitaNovaSkubic-07_resizeWindows, doors, sliding systems

Windows, sliding systems, entrance and balcony doors are made of laminated wood. We use triple isolation glazing, insulating glass cameras are filled with argon gas, thermal conductivity is Uv=0,5W/m2K. We offer you passive windows and mosquito nets installed in house construction.

VitaNovaSkubic-10Roof glazing

Roof glazing gives your home a sense of unification with nature. You can see the sky, the sun, clouds through it. We use a special tempered glass, triple-glazed windows filled with insulating argon gas, Uv=0.6W/m2K. The window is equipped with an automatic curtain with electric drive, wind and light sensors, and they are controlled automatically or remotely.

2External Venetian blinds

External aluminum Venetian blinds with electric drive will help you regulate the amount of sunlight in the house and provide privacy. They are installed in the house design and operated by a remote control.


Roof tiles

We use a special large-format flat ceramic tile. A special feature of the KAGER house is hidden storm drains system, which is integrated into the roof structure.



We offer interstorey stairs of any shape in our houses. Stairs construction is made of laminated wood and fencing – of steel, wood and glass.

Entrance door

We set up the doors of laminated wood with side glass sections for better lighting. 


Basis of the balcony is made of laminated wood and floorboard – of larch. Fencing of the balcony is made of metal, wood and glass.



Through the panoramic sliding system of the hall and kitchen you can go out to two separate covered terraces, which are under the roof of the house. In these terraces you can arrange a dining area, a relaxation zone or set a jacuzzi.


Pergola, shed or garage for cars

We offer you a KAGER pergola for protection from the burning sun on the open terrace. Also we suggest an open shed or a closed garage produced by KAGER for your car. It will be designed in your house style.All horizontal wooden elements of the house are covered with aluminum tides. They protect wooden parts of the building from influence of rain and burning sun.

23423Technical perfection

KAGER houses meet the highest requirements in terms of architecture, design and elegance. All structural components are manufactured using CNC equipment. High quality materials, manufacturing and assembly of KAGER houses are confirmed by the European quality certificates RAL, DIN1052 and CE. This ensures the high quality of structural elements of the house, excellent sound insulation and environmental, fire and seismic safety. We give a 30 year warranty on the KAGER home construction!

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