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About houses

9Infinitely light house! Feeling of freedom!

Sunlight fills the interior and creates a feeling of luxury and freedom. Exclusive sense of openness and infinity gives your home a whole new meaning. You wake up and go to sleep not feeling borders! VITA NOVA is a house that is based on bright spaces, well-thought-out construction details and, mingling with the environment, it becomes an invisible part of it. It is a lifestyle in harmony with nature, which you deserve!

22Excellence and perfectionism

KAGER houses are minimalistic, elegant, amazingly simple, but always individual. VITA NOVA is a symbiosis of internal and external peace. This is a breathtaking symbiosis. The love for wood and glass is displayed in every detail of our house. Manual processing of wood and perfection of details give the house elegance, similar to the one that is inherent in the red carpet. Using the unique composition of wood and glass, we create a true work of art for you! 

20Solar architecture of the KAGER house

The principle of each KAGER house is maximum energy efficiency and environmentally friendly use of energy sources, including passive solar energy. Therefore, large translucent wood and glass structures are located towards the south and west to better capture solar energy. Conversely, on the northern side structures are smaller in size. Thanks to this technology your house “captures the warmth”, loses a minimum of warmth and thus reduces the heating costs.


Functional plans for the organization of space

Half-timbering technology allows the buyer to create simple, flexible and innovative plans with free space location of premises. The bearing structure of the house is half-timbered frame of the building (as opposed to other technologies where it is represented by bearing walls), which allows us to get free plans for the premises and a possibility of quick and easy remodeling and modernization of the house in future.

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