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About houses

The process of installation of a half-timbered KAGER house with the area of 250 m2
takes only 4 days!

The process of construction of the KAGER house with the area of 250 m2 under X-Lam technology with frameless glazing takes just 3 days!

Why should you choose a house from KAGER?

  • House is designed by the European engineers in accordance with European standards and regulations!
  • Individual planning and design of any complexity, functional and ergonomically designed premise plans.
  • House is produced at the KAGER plant in Slovenia and installed on customer’s site by the Slovenian experts during only 4 days!
  • KAGER house is 5 times warmer than a stone one and its standards for energy efficiency in buildings is 2 times higher than current European norms, the cost of a KAGER house maintenance is only 1 euro per day!
  • Healthy living environment, ecologically clean materials of the highest quality
  • Innovative climate control system provides comfort and absence of dust in the house
  • Use of renewable energy sources, passive and active Zero Energy house
  • Known beforehand fixed construction cost. European warranty on the house for 30 years!
  • Save your time and nerves, construction is without noise and dust in the shortest time, as well as it is an excellent investment!

Informative price of the KAGER house “turnkey”

KAGER house kit | Duration: 0-3 months | Price from 1500 Euro/m2

  • Production of the house kit at the KAGER plant in Slovenia
  • House kit delivery to the installation site (including customs duties and VAT)
  • Assembling kit homes by the group of Slovenian experts

Externally completed object | Duration: 0-3,5 months | Price from 200 Euro/m2

  • Basement construction
  • Flat large-format ceramic tiles, waterproofing of drainage system by Sika foil, drip caps

Engineering works | Duration: 2,5 months | Price from 300 Euro/m2

  • Electric installation
  • Plumbing and drain layout
  • Installing energy-efficient climate system: heat pump, low-temperature house heating system by means of radiant floors in all rooms, ventilation system with heat recovery, boiler, weather-dependent automatics

Interior finishing works | Duration: 3 months | Cost from 300 Euro/m2

  • Plasterboard works
  • Cement screed floors on all levels
  • Painting works
  • Laying of floor coverings, tiling
  • Installation of outlets, switches, lighting devices
  • Plumbing Installation

Basic price of the total house area is specified, without additional options. Payment is UAH.

Full construction period of the “turnkey” house takes 7 months. Building is possible at any time of the year.

Additional options:

  • Pergola, garage, shed for cars
  • Photovoltaic systems

 Statements of happy customers

Comfort above expectations


We present you the story of Mark Lauriniy, engineer, entrepreneur and owner of a KAGER house in Salsomaggiore, the province of Parma, Italy.

“I decided to choose a KAGER house after visiting several manufacturers. They are suitable for realization of ideas of my house, which I had previously imagined. Their technical solutions, high level of expertise and technical capabilities convinced me.

KAGER is my third house, the first two houses I built were classic. I knew what I wanted. KAGER engineers interpreted my wishes and the project I had previously developed correctly. The house surprised me by its energy saving. In the previous house I paid for the last two months € 1200 for heating, and now I spend only € 600 per year. It is a really exceptional energy savings! Besides, short construction terms are also very important. We started in February and in October moved into our new home.

Among the design features I would like to emphasize the fact that my house has a frame-built construction, which allows you to create an interior at any space point. This gives great freedom in design development and realization of your ideas or the ones of your architect.

After three years of living in the house, I can say that it is much better than I expected. For example, in the south large glass surfaces represent contrast of how they work in summer and winter, removal of the house roof shades a façade well in summer and during winter months when the sun is low, it heats the house through glass surface, and allows achieving economy of energy for heating. In summer temperature in the house is 7-8 degrees lower than the ambient temperature, so I do not need air conditioning.

I decided to choose such a house not only for esthetic or emotional reasons, but generally because of rational comparison of costs and benefits; I am a mechanical engineer and my job is to work on product details. After various travels around the world I got a lot of advice, ideas and suggestions, which I reflect in design of my houses. In short, benefits of working with KAGER undoubtedly include professionalism, technical reliability, short construction time, and taking into account all the wishes of the customer. I am very satisfied with my home and happy to recommend it to all my friends.”

House KAGER, accurate to the millimeter

We present you the story of Mr. Andrea Erbette, an engineer in the aerospace industry, who lives with his family in the KAGER house since May 2014 in Boca, Novara province, Italy.
«“We are a family of four people including two children. We lived in an apartment which was built decades ago with an awkward layout, and it was morally and technically outdated. Therefore, we decided to build a new house, which will be comfortable, convenient and energy efficient.

We were already at the final stage of negotiations with the building contractor, when he turned out to be an unreliable partner. At the last moment I decided that I would not cooperate with him and started everything from scratch. But a problem with the construction terms and speed of execution arose, as we had previously carefully planned future relocation and developed a strict schedule.

KAGER Company helped us to solve all the previous problems and build a house faster than any of potentially possible developers, even faster than we had planned, and carried out all the work accurate to the millimeter. Construction began in November 2013 and in May 2014 we were ready to move to a new home.

Beauty and elegance of the individual Nebbiuno house

We present you a beautiful detached house of KAGER, which was created in collaboration with the architect Mark Giuliano in the province of Novara, Italy. The house is located on a large territory, the main zone of stay in the house is the first floor, it is divided into an open part – the living area with a large amount of glazing, and private part – the bedroom area with bathrooms and dressing rooms.

Large spans and high ceilings in the living room and gallery with a working space allow us to get an open living zone where you can relax or work, and enjoy a wonderful view of the surrounding area. The living room extends to the outdoor terrace, which is partially covered with a pergola of glued fir-tree wood and a large filigree wooden canopy. The house and all wooden parts are painted white, which makes it invaluably elegant.

House is produced in KAGER BIO design system, in which insulating materials from wood fibers – material which has the best heat-insulating properties and considerably increases thermal stability of the building are used.

High energy saving is also provided by threefold glazing and external shutters with electric drive, which protect the house from sunlight and overheat. By adjusting the angle of blinds slats, we can control the amount of light and privacy in the interior. Geothermal heat pump and solar systems are installed for heating and cooling the house, and preparation of hot water.

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