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About us

FriderikKagerExperience, traditions and family business

KAGER is a European manufacturer of prefabricated energy efficient buildings of premium class from Slovenia. Over it`s 30-year history, the company has implemented more than 1400 unique projects in 12 countries. KAGER is a family business, and its key values are quality, integrity and individual approach to each client. Frideric Kager, the company founder and engineer by specialty, personally participates in development of each house.

VitaNovaSkubic-01Light. Nature. Home. Life

Infinitely bright, minimalistic house of premium class from KAGER will emphasize your success, high status, progressive thinking and boundless imagination! Maximum energy efficient, absolutely ecologically friendly, completely designed and manufactured by European engineers at KAGER plant in Slovenia, with glass walls from floor to ceiling, innovative solutions that use alternative energy sources, it will satisfy the most demanding customer, and become your best investment!


We appreciate your time!

Process of assembly of a KAGER house with the area of 250 m2 by Slovenian specialists takes only 4 days! Prefabrication of house ensures full compliance with the project, perfect accuracy of every detail of the house, and prefabricated house technology makes it possible to build very quickly, noiseless and dust free. Individual design, construction, starting from foundation and ending with landscape – all this you will get from the real European professionals, stress-free, with full service and official warranty!


House for a better life!

In the individually designed KAGER house will be considered all your wishes, image and lifestyle. Here you can relax and have a break after the working day! Choose the style of your house from four options: half-timbered house with VITA NOVA glass walls, design houses under projects of VITA VISION architects, super-modern houses in high-tech style with frameless VITA NOVA MODERN glazing, and Zero Energy house – homes that produce more energy than they consume.


Welcome, trust us!

Already more than 1200 happy families live in houses from KAGER. We are connected with them by long-term friendly relationship that will last for many years after the project implementation. We are ready to conduct you an excursion to already built houses, and it will allow you to make the most representative opinion of the house from its owners.

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