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Modern houses

1. A plot of land

Your new house can only be built on a building plot. If you are in the process of purchasing plot of land, it is necessary to verify the ownership and to make sure that the plot does not have any debts.

2. Construction law / architecture

Before we start working with you on the concept of the house, we examine the relevant building regulations of your property. We check your planning information of the building and the geodetic shot of your plot. At this way we avoid the construction of different “castles in the air”. Then the architect takes on your construction desires and designs your new dream home, taking into account all your wishes.

3. Offer quotation

After a design of your new home is finished, we will discuss about installations and your equipment requirements and determine the level of your entire house investment. So you have absolute safety as part of your financial planning.

4. House building contract

Upon completion of the house building contract, the construction application will be submitted and the technical and creative sampling will take place. Based on the agreed scope of works, we prepare a schedule which provides the predictability of implementation and completion of all works.

5. Construction process

After receiving the building permit, we begin with the foundation (base plate or cellar) of your building project. After precise examination of the bottom plate / basement ceiling, we start with the house construction. Single 3 to 5 days are needed to your new dream house is covered lockable. According to the construction schedule the inner works will be held until the agreed scope of services.

6. House handover

After all agreed services are provided the house hand-over will take place and we are pleased when you are so excited that you would recommend us to the others.

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