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Cottage village

NEW HAVEN Luxury Village

Luxury cottage village with KAGER villas in an exclusive location on the coast of the Kyiv Sea with views of a million!

Коттеджный городок люкс-класса с виллами KAGER в эксклюзивном месте на берегу Киевского моря

Light. Nature. Home. Life

In harmony with nature

NEW HAVEN Luxury Village - KAGER villas in the most beautiful location of the Kyiv region, in relief areas in the middle of pines, on the coast of the Kiev Sea, with stunning views!

The place is located in the village Lyutizh, Vyshgorod district, Kyiv region, 35 km from the center of Kyiv.


New Haven Luxury Village is located in a unique, very beautiful and environmentally friendly place, on the shore of the Kyiv Reservoir, in the village Lyutizh, 35 km from the center of Kyiv. The total area of the cottage is 22 hectares, half of which are already inhabited.

We offer 24 plots of land ranging from 1800 to 5400 sq.m in 4 lines. It is possible to combine the plots.

We have specially designed 24 exclusive Kager villas ranging from 230 to 420 m2. Unique state-of-the-art Kager villas with glass walls allow you to maximize the potential of this species, minimally interfering with existing nature and merging with it. It's a life in harmony with nature!

Kager Villa from Slovenia turnkey for 7-8 months, house installation by European specialists in 4 days, European guarantee - 30 years! Energy Efficiency Classes: A, A +, Passive house, Zero Energy house, optional.

In the protected area there is all the necessary infrastructure: SPA center with swimming pool and gym, yacht marina, helicopter place, club house for parties, beach, storage facilities, backup 400 kW generator, 2 check points.


Потрясающие виды на природу со столовой с панорамным остеклением.

We offer:

  • A unique, eco-friendly place in a pine forest by the water on the Kiev Sea in a private gated luxury cottage town with incredible landscapes!
  • 24 plots of land in 4 lines - near the water, relief plots in coniferous forest and plots with panoramic views of the sea and the forest, ranging from 18 to 54 hundred m2.
  • Construction of 24 exclusive european Kager villas with glass walls in 9 ready-made projects, as well as the opportunity to order an individual project for you.
  • Asphalt road, gas, electricity and a water supply system are brought to the land plots.
  • Projects of 24 Kager villas are built into the existing landscape, that allows minimal interference with nature. A thoughtful placement of the houses in the optimal size land plots allows not to intersect with neighbors.
  • The territory is under the guarded and video surveillance. There is all the necessary infrastructure: SPA center with swimming pool and gym, yacht marina, helipad, club house for parties, beach, warehouses, backup generator for 400 kW, 2 check points. You can use the SPA center with swimming pool and gym, as well as the club house, - by agreement with the residents of the town.
  • All land plots are without fences! (Green fence possible). There are a very solid neighbors.
  • You can find here all for an active lifestyle: yachts, boats, water, cycling, ATVs, buggies, fishing, mushrooms-berries, air sports.
  • Within 3 minutes drive to Lutizh village, there is a gas station, a restaurant with catering, a new Fora supermarket, a pharmacy, Nova Poshta post office, a high level medical clinic.

1st and 2nd Line Views - beach and hill land plots with sea and forest views

View of lines 3 and 4 - relief plots in coniferous forest

Orthophoto of the territory of development



Pricing policy

  • Land plots are located in 4 lines. 1st line is on the beach. 2nd line’s located on a hill in a coniferous forest and has a panoramic view of the sea. 3rd and 4th lines are plots on a relief areas in a coniferous forest.
  • Prices for land plots of 1-2-3-4 lines are 15-12-10-8-6 thousand dollars a hundred m2 respectively.
  • All land plots are in long-term lease (sublease agreement, share of corporate rights), and the real estate built is in a private property. It is possible to convert land from long-term lease to private property.
  • Usage of the SPA center with swimming pool and gym, as well as the club house - by agreement with the residents of the town.
  • Luxury Kager villas (manufactured by Kager plant, Slovenia) are for 9 individual projects. House area is ranging from 230 to 420 m2. Individual projects, both smaller and larger, are possible.
  • Informative cost for Kager villas turnkey construction is:
  • The cost of two-storied villas building is about 3000 Euro/m2,
  • the cost of one-storied villas building (in the first line)is 2600-2700 Euro/m2
  • Payment is in UAH. 

Project visualization

Architect: Іryna Karlikova

Spa, yacht marina, clubhouse and helipad

NEW HAVEN Luxury Village. by KAGER

Have any questions or want to visit this place?

Please, contact us: +380974401440


Premium class cottage town KAGER in Hutor Yasnyi near Kyiv


We present you a new concept of a happy country life in the modern premium-class cottage town of Hutor Yasnyi in Lesniki village, Novoobukhovskaya route, in the near suburbs of Kyiv!

We offer you a turnkey solution – picturesque land lots in the finished cottage town of premium class with excellent transport accessibility, all necessary infrastructure and a contract for construction of an ultramodern KAGER house!


  • Private guarded cottage town of premium class Hutor Yasnyi located Lesniki village, Novoobukhovskaya route, this is the only area free of traffic jams at any time of the day, which allows get to Kiev downtown in just 20-25 minutes.
  • Ready infrastructure in the town: asphalted roads, fencing of sites, centralized gas supply, electricity, the fiber-optical Internet, private operation service, park zone with a playground, church and the lake.
  • In the nearest surroundings of the cottage town there are located: ATB supermarket, horse complex, the Blue Lakes, restaurant complexes, hotel, Megamarket, gas station, Manufacture.
  • Sunny land lots in the centre of town, close to coniferous forest and the lake, with an area of 12, 22, 24, 38 hundred square meters
  • 19 ultramodern energy efficient KAGER houses and villas of glass and wood of 5 types, with the area of 190-450 v2. KAGER – made in Slovenia!
  • You can purchase a separate house or invest in construction project of the entire town




Architect: Irina Mosiychuk


Sunny land lots in the town centre and large areas near the forest

Informative cost of land lots of 12 hundred square meters in the centre of the town is $12.000/ hundred square meter
Informative cost of large areas of 24 and 39 hundred square meters close to the forest is $12.000/ hundred square meter


Land lots with access to the lake

Informative value of land lots of 22, 23, 27 hundred square meters with access to the lake is $12.000/ hundred square meter



Why should you choose a house from KAGER?

    • House is designed by the European engineers in accordance with European standards and regulations!
    • Individual planning and design of any complexity, functional and ergonomically designed premise plans.
    • House is produced at the KAGER plant in Slovenia and installed on customer’s site by the Slovenian experts during only 4 days!
    • KAGER house is 5 times warmer than a stone one and its standards for energy efficiency in buildings is 2 times higher than current European norms, the cost of a KAGER house maintenance is only 1 euro per day!
    • Healthy living environment, ecologically clean materials of the highest quality
    • Innovative climate control system provides comfort and absence of dust in the house
    • Use of renewable energy sources, passive and active Zero Energy house
    • Known beforehand fixed construction cost. European warranty on the house for 30 years!
    • Save your time and nerves, construction is without noise and dust in the shortest time, as well as it is an excellent investment!


Type 1, 2, 5 - house Vita Nova Classic 209

The most popular project with 4 bedrooms
Total area of the house is 225 m2.
On the first floor there are the main bedroom with its dressing area, bathroom and covered terrace with hot spa; spacious living room with the second light and glazed roof, kitchen with dining area and pantry, guest bathroom, hallway and heating / laundry room. You can reach the comfortable covered terraces from the hall, dining room and bedroom. On the second floor there are 3 children's rooms, open study with gallery, shared bathroom and 2 large balconies.


Type 3 - Vita Nova DELUXE VILLA

Ultramodern villa with a flat roof, an area of 452 m2, 5 bedrooms, near the pine forest!
Total area of the house is 452 м2
On the ground floor there is a large living room with fireplace, dining area and kitchen with access through sliding glass walls to 2 large terraces, study with a cinema hall, spacious entry, bathroom, heating / laundry room and guest bedroom with bathroom, glass garage for two beautiful cars. On the second floor there is a large main bedroom with bathroom, dressing area and balcony, 3 children's rooms with bathrooms and balconies.




Type 4 -house Vita Nova EDITION 190

Very bright one-storey house with an unusual roof, high ceilings, shared terrace and 3 bedrooms

Total area of the house is 190 м2. Building area is 214,47 м2
There are 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 dressing rooms, heating / laundry room, large hall-studio with kitchen and dining area in the house. You can go to the terrace from each room, hall and kitchen.



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